About us

Safest Avenue is dedicated to helping the Lauderdale County community.


About us

We are a non-profit organization based in Lauderdale County, TN. Our mission is to support the local community through various programs and services.

We focus on making positive changes in the lives of individuals and families. Our team is dedicated to providing resources and assistance to those in need.

Our mission

Our mission is to support the Lauderdale County community by providing resources and services that promote safety, well-being, and resilience for all residents.

Safest Avenue is a nonprofit based in Lauderdale County, TN. We work to create safer communities through education and support. Our team is dedicated to helping individuals and families live in secure environments.We offer resources and programs that promote safety and well-being. By partnering with local organizations, we ensure that every member of our community has access to the help they need. Together, we can build a safer future for all.

Our values

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We care deeply about the well-being of our community and strive to make a positive impact.
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We work together with local partners and volunteers to achieve our goals.
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We maintain open and honest communication with our supporters and beneficiaries.
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We provide resources and support to help individuals and families improve their lives.


We focus on long-term solutions that ensure lasting benefits for our community.

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